Denizens of the City

Welcome to the City.

Ashen City

The fires haven't burned here for a long time.

The mine fires raged beneath the ground, choking the people of the City with black snow and darkening the sky: punishment for their hubris. They dug too deep and let the Devil out, or so the people whispered when a year passed, then two, and still the fires shook the earth beneath their homes. Few noticed the day the beast went dormant and those that did kept their mouths shut, unwilling to test their reprieve. Ten generations later the black snow no longer falls, but the sun has not forgiven and the people of the City have forgotten what they once learned.

The fires haven't burned here for a long time, but the Devil never left.

Welcome to the City.

Follow the pulse of the dragon to Jitters, where Caitlin Kinney slings caffeine cocktails and the patrons lose themselves to the music of Dionysus. Whatever your thirst, Jitters has what you're looking for, but you'd better order quick. Ten years ago Caitlin made a mistake that she has spent her life trying to make right and tonight, the seeds of her childhood transgression come to fruition.

Or follow the sirens if you dare, but stick to the main streets - the well-lit ones. You're not ready to see the other side of the City yet.

Welcome to the City. Be careful who you trust.