that’s how you came here, like a star
without a name. move across the night sky
with those anonymous lights.

– rumi

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Till Human Voices Wake Us

coming 2024 from Blackstone Publishing

17-year-old Cia knows there’s more to the story when her best friend’s body turns up floating in the town quarry, but when her investigation uncovers a series of mysterious fires – one of which claimed her family and her leg when she was five – and decades of unexplained disappearances, Cia realizes that she is in way over her head. Her only chance lies in exposing the shocking sickness at the center of small town Summerset – but the danger may lie closer to home than she imagined.

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Rebecca Roque is a born storyteller, which sounds nicer than “eloquent liar” but means essentially the same thing. She lives with an ever-changing number of cats, wandering spirits, and her small coven of ethically taxidermied rodents, which kindly wait until all the humans are asleep before going about their witchy business. When she isn’t annoying her neighbors by luring everything feathered, furred, and feral to her backyard, Rebecca enjoys true crime podcasts and hiking in places true crime podcasters would probably advise against. Till Human Voices Wake Us is her debut novel.

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